Why I Invested in a Custom Brand Photo Session

November 20, 2021

Social media. What a beast. As a business that provides a service for other creatives, the best way that we can market that service is by showing off the photography that we provide for others, right? Only partly.

Have you ever been proud of something you created (whether it be a photo, a ceramic vase, a painting, an accessory, a design, a cake, or any other type of creation) and shared a it on Instagram? You get Instagram ‘likes’ on your photo and it feels nice when people react to what you create! A week goes by and you share a photo of yourself and your interactions triple. You gets lots of comments complimenting you, and way more likes than on your other post of your creation. Why is this? PEOPLE ARE NOSY. This has always and will always be true! They want to see the face behind the brand and get to know the person creating the art or providing the service. [ps- the two links in this paragraph are real life examples of a photo of me getting way more attention than a photo I took and shared; people really do want to see who you are]

Why I Invested in a Custom Brand Photo Session

This is the exact reason I invested in a custom brand photo session for myself as the owner of Lightbulb League. When I noticed the rare photo of myself getting more attention, interaction, and support, I leaned into it and booked a branded portrait session for myself. Not to mention that I was also putting my money where my mouth is. This is literally what I preach to others about, so why shouldn’t I be applying the same logic + practices to my own business?

I booked a session with amazing photographer and friend Melese Miller. Her style of portraiture feels so seamless with my own brand photography. I felt that sharing her photos alongside my work would be a perfect marriage in aesthetics. I created a Pinterest board to inspire the mood of the shoot. Here are a couple of the photos I loved from the board created:

branded portrait session inspiration photos

I love multiple exposures, mirror shots, and direct light, so we utilized all of that at my branded portraits. Melese absolutely nailed it and I am so pleased with the photos. Here are a couple of favorites:

This was such a fun session. The end results show off a little bit about myself, giving potential clients a tiny sneak peek into the kind of person I am. These photos also give me the opportunity to chat about myself a little bit, which can strike up conversation online and possibly form new relationships (always a plus in my book)! I truly believe every small business owner needs to book a branded portrait session for themselves whether it be with Lightbulb League or someone else.

Pros of a branded portrait session

In conclusion, these types of sessions:

  • allow you to take portraits that aesthetically tie in with your work
  • builds trust in your brand, giving people a sneak peek into what the creator looks like
  • gives you the opportunity to talk about yourself, thus creating new relationships with potential customers and clients

If you’re interested in your own branded portrait session, we obviously think it’s a good idea. Let us know if you want to work together! Click here to head to our contact page and reach out. We look forward to working together to create photos that seamlessly represent your brand. Let’s make some magic together!


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