Where Should We Shoot My Brand Photos?

December 2, 2020

*UPDATED to include info regarding our new studio space*

We have two different kinds of brand photo shoots that we offer to small business owners. One of those options is to meet up in-person to take your brand photos. Side note: the other options is a mail-in option, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. You can click here to read more about those.

A question we get all of the time from our clients before their in-person brand photo session is,

“Where should my brand photo session take place?”

like, 100% of our clients

Where we shoot your brand photos actually depends on a couple of different things. Let’s hop right into it!

Questions to ask yourself before choosing your location

How big is you shoot? How many people from your team will be in your photos? Will we need to style a large scale set for your brand photos? Furthermore, are you hiring a hair and makeup team to be on-set during your shoot? Lastly, do you need to be in a specific type of workspace in order to take your photos (like a workshop, kitchen, or utility room with immovable tools + equipment)?

All things to consider when planning where your brand photo shoot will be!

brand photos with Lightbulb League, Houston brand photographers

Our studio OR elsewhere

There are two options when considering where your brand photo shoot will take place: our studio OR elsewhere!

The studio space

Our studio space is in Houston just off Washington. It’s spacious with amazing light and has lots of charm. It’s nested inside an early 1900s schoolhouse and is perfect for brand sessions.


If we determine that our studio isn’t where we’ll be shooting your brand session, we can shoot in your workspace if it allows enough natural light in through the windows. There is also the option to book an Airbnb or rental space. We always chat with our clients before they book about where we are going to shoot based on all of the aforementioned circumstances.

Photos taken at the home studio of Lightbulb League, Houston brand photographers

Even though this probably clears up the question pretty clearly, we still make sure to chat with clients while in the planning process of their shoots to determine every aspect of the shoot, including location. If you’re ready to elevate your online presence with stellar marketing photos (regardless of where we will be shooting), get in touch!

We are so excited to hear from you.


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