Welcome to Lightbulb League

April 2, 2020

Welcome to Lightbulb League! While we perfect the remaining parts of the website, the blog is active for you to peruse at this time. We wanted to utilize this space to talk all about our new name and new logo + branding from the fabulous Old City Mailroom.

Time for a rebrand

We initially reached out to Andi of Old City Mailroom a few years back for a new logo for this brand photography business. As it turns out, we weren’t where we needed to be in order to invest in an awesome branding experience because we were still figuring out how to transition to where we wanted to be with pricing, and honestly, figuring out how to be where we are today!

So let’s rewind about a year, where we knew we needed a new name for the dreams we had for this space. We booked sessions with a business strategist, chatted with trusted creative friends about it, and spent way too much time Googling existing names that may have struck a chord with us. Wanting something memorable, not immediately obvious or commercial-sounding, perhaps something with alliteration, and something to represent good ideas from those who invest in quality images, we landed with Lightbulb League- a brand whose name can stand the test of time, and definitely won’t sell you lightbulbs.

Ok, for real this time

Now it was finally time to reach out to Andi again. We were standing on solid ground, had pricing, a new name, new website, and everything solidified but a logo. Working with her was so seamless and we cannot recommend her any higher than we already do. Seeing her designs literally made us tear up (twice, in fact). She put so much thought into the design. She took our appreciation of analog mediums (an ode to us shooting film for the majority of our sessions) and put her pencil to paper for our logo. Our small icon is reminiscent of a lightbulb. The swirly script reminds me of filament in a lightbulb. And that’s just the beginning.

She used my completed brand discovery form to build a layered, meaningful descriptive regarding her design decisions. Here is the descriptive she sent over, along with a mood board she created to inspire her designs.

It brought everything together and just made us feel so confident moving forward. Without further ado, Andi’s completed designs:

Thank you Andi for helping us with your gift of design. Welcome, all, to Lightbulb League!


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