Brand Photos with Wedding Planner Water to Wine Events

February 28, 2022

Going through the archives and we have some seriously need-to-be-blogged past brand sessions. We can’t wait to share them with you in the coming months! Here are some super moody and beautiful wedding planner brand photos for Haylee Handly of Water to Wine Events. What I love about Haylee’s brand is that she embraces a darker aesthetic, and you don’t see a lot of that these days. She is also a logistics master, and I’m speaking from personal experience. For those that don’t know, I used to be a wedding photographer and I’ve actually had the immense honor of working with Haylee on a couple of different occasions. Never have I photographed a wedding where things have gone so smoothly. Haylee is a top tier planner, and it shows in how thoughtfully her session was planned out!

Wedding Planner Brand Photos

As a service based small business (such as a wedding planner), something you can do for your brand photo session is showcase the outcome of your work since you don’t have a physical product to photograph. In this case, we showcase a tabletop that Haylee designed that would ideally be the head table at a wedding. She also designed a bridal style based on the head table she designed. We also took photos of Haylee meeting with her potential client, and then with her again on her wedding day showing the level of service and dedication she shows to her clients.

Haylee wanted her session to stand out amongst the photos of her competitors. Not hard to do with a brand as sultry, moody, and romantic as hers! She hired ultra talented Ode to Joy Flowers to create pieces for her shoot, as she wanted to show off the kind of of tablescapes that she can design for her shoot. She also paired with Adorne Artistry for hair and makeup because she wanted branded portraits, headshots, photos working with a bride, and photos of the bride to show off her wedding style to potential clients.

If you’re a wedding planner in the market for brand photos, let’s chat. It’s always a fun challenge to collaborate with service based creatives to see the kind of on-brand photos we can capture for you!


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