Tin Cup Flower Co Brand Photography Sessions

September 30, 2021

Strap in for a fun post! When it was realized that we had not one, but TWO brand photography sessions for Tin Cup Flower Co in the queue for the blog, we decided to kill two birds with one stone and showcase both sessions at once. We can’t get enough of Aelish’s sweet, colorful, and wild flower style!

Big changes have happened for Tin Cup and the Lightbulb League team since our first shoot together in 2018. Aelish of Tin Cup got a cool new ‘do, we both changed business names entirely, we moved into our studio space, and we’ve both updated a lot about our brands.

We wouldn’t call today’s post a before and after post. Rather, a very fun progression post, watching Aelish’s work (and our own) transform from one shoot to the next.

September 2018 Brand Photography Session

The first session was photographed in the Lightbulb League home office studio, where the majority of our work gets done to this day. It’s where we edit, photograph small scale mail-in sessions, do all admin, and have the occasional team meeting. Before we moved into our downtown Houston studio, it’s also where we shot most brand sessions (including this one).

This was a mini session, So Aelish + David brought in 2 different arrangements to be photographed, along with a couple of sweet pictures of them.

April 2021 Brand Photography Session

Aelish sent us some brand words that she was focusing on when rebranding earlier this year. Some of those words were: garden inspired, FUN, colorful, summer fruits, Italian/French countryside, European farmer’s market, wildflower, effortless, and more. This recent brand shoot was a fun session and that included updated headshots + portraits for Aelish. These days, it’s so important to showcase the person behind the brand. Social media gives us countless opportunities to market ourselves, and when you’re showing off your face, it’s building trust as a brand.

This was one of the first sessions in our new studio. She brought along some beautiful produce to style with her florals, and we were really trying to capture some of her rebrand vibes + words that we mentioned above.

Two very different shoots with very different vibes, but we adore them both just the same! We love working with florists and we’re so grateful each time someone trusts our vision for their brand photography.

To check out some of the other recent brand shoots we’ve done with florists, follow along on Instagram! Per usual, thanks for making it to the bottom of today’s post. Gold star1!


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