The Hurried Hostess Brand Shoot in Houston

June 17, 2021

As we begin to look back at past Houston brand photography sessions that we’ve shot, we realized that there are so so so many that haven’t been blogged. There has been so much goodness that we’ve yet to share, so we’re starting with this session with Houston food blogger Stacy Anderson, AKA The Hurried Hostess.

Photography at it’s most delicious

As brand photographers, we photograph anything a business might need us to. Anything from products, to headshots, to lifestyle shots, to behind-the-scenes or process photos, to staged client interactions, to FOOD. All of the things. This time around, we got to photograph Stacy in her element, cooking + presenting food as The Hurried Hostess. Stacy makes and shares delicious recipes, so hers is definitely a wonderful account to follow on Instagram if you like to experiment in the kitchen.

Stacy wanted to show off several different kinds of foods for her Houston brand session, so she chose a flatbread appetizer, a feta and blackberry salad, homemade bread, a Paloma cocktail, homemade pasta with grilled shrimp, and grilled peaches with mascarpone. Are you drooling yet? Because we are.

Houston food photography

As Stacy wanted several different kinds of photos to eventually present to her audience, we captured behind-the-scenes photos of her creating the food, along wit detail shots of the food items, and finally, a menu-worthy shot of each item she created. Below, you can see some of our favorite shots from Stacy’s Houston brand photography session.

To shoot food this beautiful with great people makes what we do so fulfilling. If you’re in the market for some elevated food photography for social media, your website or blog, menu photos, or marketing of any sort, shoot us an email today! We have one-time brand photography sessions along with subscription options for those that need recurring fresh photos.

If you made it this far, you get a gold star! Thank you for reading, and thank you for your support.


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