How we got our start photographing brands

March 10, 2020

Our first unofficial shoot

Our good friend Erin asked if we could get together and photograph a couple of her luxury handcrafted hair accessories a couple of years ago. She needed some images of her work for marketing purposes. We loved working together with Erin to style her pieces in flat lay shots, product shots, and on a model. The experience of shooting for a brand came so naturally to us. It was truly inspiring us to work with Erin + got us thinking about working with other artists & small business owners. This is how we got our start to photographing brands! You can read more about that first shoot by clicking here.

Working with physical objects was fun and we enjoyed doing it. So why not start offering brand sessions?

Getting the ball rolling

Photographing products and inventory for businesses was right up our alley. Initially, we reached out to creative small business owner friends and offered to photograph their products for them for free, as we were looking to build up our portfolio.

After a couple of shoots, we started receiving inquiries for service-based small businesses like wedding planners, photographers, workshops, business coaches, or virtual assistants. Our planning processes really started to shift at that point. It was time to get a little more creative with their brand session planning since we didn’t have any physical products to work with. We would need to come up with other visual solutions! We would dig a little deeper together to figure out how they worked as a business, who they worked with and who their ideal client was, what their everyday workflow looked like, and what kinds of tools they might utilize while working. This was a new kind of preparation for a shoot that we hadn’t dealt with before.

How we started photographing brands

From that point on, we were doing more research than ever on ways to show off these unique brands whether they offered products or services. That’s when we truly realized how powerful of a role that people’s brand images could play within their marketing. We were now making sure the images were up to the standards of another business’ marketing plan, and using our own art to represent another person’s business. It’s a truly fine balance. That responsibility holds a lot of weight, in our book! We’re so honored that those who inquire with us consider our work to represent their livelihoods.

And here we are, a couple years and many brand shoots later; consistently booking brand sessions and so looking forward to what the future holds for Lightbulb League. This is a very broad topic, so we sense a part 2 in our future with more specifics. If you have any questions about how to start photographing brands, please don’t hesitate to email us!


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