Productive Things to do During Quarantine

May 5, 2020

What a wild time this is. We’ve never seen so many neighbors out taking a walk. Or so many delivery services dropping off meals, or our Facebook feeds this active, ever. Right now, everyone is staying in their homes for the the safety of themselves and for others, which affects you as a creative small business owner. These are crazy, uncertain times, but we do know everyone is slowly adjusting to their new schedules while finding productive things to do during quarantine.

Where to start being productive things to do during quarantine

We think the best thing you can do as a business right now is pivot. Don’t freeze with uncertainty as to what to say to your audiences. Show your clients that you’re a relatable human affected by the state of the world right now. This also means changing up your social media captions to sympathize with your clients. Adapt to this new all-online market and offer online services or products. Be active in letting your clients know how Covid-19 will be affecting their experience with you. Take this time to update contracts to adjust to unpredictable situations like this one. There are SO many things you could be doing during this time, if you feel you are in the right head space to do so!

Check out our to-do list for small businesses

With self-quarantined clients/ customers, postponed or cancelled events, and a wave of caution that has washed over every corner of the world, Covid-19 pandemic has left many small business owners with some extra time on their hands. We’ve spent some time creating a list of 30 productive things to do as a creative small business during quarantine, including some of the tips from the previous paragraph. Click the button below and it will take you right to the list.

We hope this little list will help inspire you to continue working during this time. We are looking at this as an obstacle as opposed to a sabbatical. Please feel free to reach out if you should have any questions! If it’s just a quick comment or question, we just recently joined Twitter. We’d love to see you over there!


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