Peach Tart Recipe Shoot

December 17, 2019

If you’ve not yet heard of The Hurried Hostess, you’re in for a treat today. Stacy of The Hurried Hostess is a wife, mom, and blogger who chats about food, travel, easy entertaining tips, and shares recipes. When Stacy has a recipe in mind, it’s always going to be a tasty time. I love hanging out with her because our taste buds are always on the same page! At this particular shoot, she made two kinds of tarts, one of them a peach tart recipe! You can see the other tart by clicking here.

I’m going to let her recipe blog post about this yummy peach tart do all of the talking:

Let the peach obsession begin! To be completely honest, my favorite way to eat a peach is just to bite straight into the thing. However, I know that lacks all imagination and people would probably rather be presented with an actual dessert at the end of a meal than a bowl of fruit. So here we go…
My dad has two peach trees in his yard. This year was the first year that we (the humans) got to them before the worms and the squirrels did. So with an abundance of peaches coming in every day, I needed to start researching what I was going to do with all of these delicious things!
The first recipe I came up with was this one. My friend Christine and I were just playing around with ingredients and I was like, “Hey, let’s see what happens…” And that’s how this delicious little puff pastry tart came about. The fresh, juicy peaches are drizzled with sweet honey and topped with fragrant mint – all aboard a puff pastry crust that just screams – BITE INTO ME!
This is the perfect last minute, throw together kind of dessert that you need in your life!

You can click here to view the recipe, and continue scrolling to view the process of making the peach, honey, and mint puff pastry tart!

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