Our Offerings, and Who They’re Meant to Serve

September 15, 2020

We love to talk about the different things that go on around here. There are a thousand tiny tasks that can go into achieving one big goal or milestone. While we love to entertain and educate our community of creatives, it truly boils down to us being brand photographers. Here’t the part where we specifically outline all of our offerings, and who they’re meant to serve.

Stock photos

Stock photos are affordable, high quality, styled photos that are used for visual marketing purposes for businesses. These types of photos are perfect for those who need high quality images, but don’t necessarily have the resources to make a custom brand photo shoot happen at the moment (whether it be limited focus, time or funds). You can use them on your website, in your social media feed, and on your visual marketing. Stock photos download instantly so you can immediately upload them to your social media planning tool or website for an instant refresh. You can click here to view our available stock photos.

Custom brand sessions

Custom brand sessions are photo shoots where your business is the star of the show. At a custom brand session, we highlight your product or service, your process, your workspace, your team, and anything else you may want to show off. Your photos are delivered in an online gallery in less than 4 weeks. We have 3 different custom brand session collections to choose from:

20 photos

The first comes with 20 final magazine-ready, high resolution photos. This collection is ideal for businesses that need a small handful of quality images when they release a new product or service. Additionally, it’s for creative entrepreneurs that are looking to release a seasonal promotion, and need photos to market that release.

50 photos

The second comes with 50 final magazine-ready, high resolution photos. This collection are great for those going through a small rebrand, looking to establish their online presence, or just updating their portfolio or website.

80 photos

The third comes with 80 final magazine-ready, high resolution photos. This collection is for those that need a healthy variety of styled photos, headshots, flat lays, lifestyle photos, process photos, and more. More importantly, this is the best suited collection for business either going through a total rebrand or branding themselves for the first time and need a fresh, complete gallery of photos to pull from.

Subscription brand sessions

Subscription shoots are for those who require a consistent, recurring flow of new marketing photos. Additionally, if you sell seasonal items, a variety of products, or simply would rather not commit to one large shoot all at once, a subscription might be the best fit for you. Furthermore, you could dedicate each month’s shoot to a different type of photo: flat lays, headshots, lifestyle shots, process photos, etc.. Subscription clients are billed on the same day each month for the duration of your subscription term. We can plan to shoot either every month, or every other month to accommodate your schedule.

Mail-in brand sessions

Mail-in sessions are designed to make your life easier. A simple trip to the post office to send us your products is all that’s required on your end to receive gorgeous new styled product and brand photos, giving your business the elevated photos you’ve been looking for. You mail us your products, we style and photograph them, then we mail your products back. Crazy simple.

A la carte product styling

We style, you shoot. We all know that styling can make or break an image. In order to brighten up your marketing photos, make sure they’re well-styled. If you’re in the market for a small scale stylist to help place your styling tools or design your flat lay images, we’d love to help. We step onto the scene to style your flat lays and products so you can focus on shooting. This is ideal for photographers or videographers.

To sum up, let’s talk brass tacks now that you’ve read about all of the Lightbulb League offerings and who they’re meant to serve. We’d love to work with you if you’re a creative small business owner with a discerning eye. There’s something for everyone at Lightbulb League, whether you are starting a business or had a business for 30 years! The different levels of involvement in our brand sessions is truly accommodating. If you’re wondering which service/ collection is the best fit for you, email us so we can get the ball rolling. We’d love to help you figure out what would serve your business best! Contact us today for availability and pricing.

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