Mini Custom Brand Session for Carpe Diem Design

March 21, 2018

Impromptu Mini brand session

I got to work with Lexie for a shoot in Salt Lake City, Utah and I’m so grateful. We were lucky enough to have some time at the end of an editorial that we worked together to grab some branding photos for her. In a way, this was a mini brand session for her! I really loved the time spent with her. Lexie is creative, quick, professional, and wildly talented.

Salt Lake City, Utah wedding florist

From Lexie

Ever since childhood my joy and passion has been to create. I’ve always been drawn to the arts and have dabbled in everything from drawing, painting, interior design, sewing, pottery, calligraphy, photography and floral design. The one thing that has stayed true through it all has been my love for color and texture. These are the 2 things that drive my designs. Even while developing a more minimal style, I’m still so influenced by color. It’s the first thing I think about when coming up with a concept. I love it – I live for it!

That being said – color has taken on a new meaning to me lately. I find a muted but still colorful palette to be my favorite. It’s still striking and interesting to the eye but allows the eye to follow a softer pathway and flow through a design. Don’t get me wrong, I still love a bold accent or a bold monochromatic arrangement, but the new trend of softer, muted colors definitely brings a beautiful depth and naturalness to floral design.

Depth and texture is also something that drives my designs. It makes the viewer want to stay and discover – it gives a design something more to see that what you get at a first glance. If it’s viewed at just a slightly different angle, something may be discovered that wasn’t seen at first. I love those little unexpected moments in a design.

Shot on a Pentax 645 on Fuji400h in Salt Lake City, Utah

Photographer: Lightbulb League | Florals & styling: Carpe Diem Design | Film lab: The FIND Lab


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