Maxit Flower Design Mini Brand Session

September 13, 2018

Houston Florist Mini Brand Session

Let me spill the beans- brand sessions just got far more affordable. I know it’s not financially possible for some businesses to invest in an extensive brand session at the drop of a hat. Mini brand sessions are the solution to that problem and are exactly what they sound like. They’re mini versions of brand sessions. They include around 10 final marketing images for you to use for your business’ visual marketing needs. You can choose to travel to me if you want to be in any of the images or participate. If you have a physical product you can mail them to me. All mini branding sessions take place at my home office in Pearland, Texas (unless you’d like to to add on travel and/or lodging for me to come to you). This is a great option for a couple of different types of businesses for different reasons.

Instances where a mini might be better 

For businesses that are working on promoting 1-3 new products and only need a handful of new marketing images versus a bigger gallery, mini brand sessions are a great option. I’ve also noticed that calligraphers & wedding stationery designers have benefitted from mini brand sessions. When they have an invitation suite that they’ve created for a client and they want it professionally photographed, they can mail me an extra invitation suite to be styled and photographed. Only when there is a greater need for more variety & quantity of images would I recommend a full brand session. Restaurants could utilize a mini brand session to promote a seasonal menu or cocktail list. And last, but certainly not least, bloggers looking to try a new recipe, wear a new outfit, or try to create a new DIY project could all benefit from a handful of magazine-quality, simply styled, well-made photographs.

Maxit Flower Design mini brand session

Then there’s a session like Maria’s. When you’re a florist, there are so many directions you could take when it comes to creating a floral arrangement. Especially when it’s meant to represent your brand. Not to mention the cost of florals for your brand shoot!

When Maria and I were talking about the images we wanted, we talked about sticking with one color palette. The pieces she made would hypothetically belong to the same wedding, including a boutonnière, a bridal bouquet, and a centerpiece. Remaining within the guidelines of a mini shoot, we were still able to get a variety of images. We photographed the table scape, the bridal bouquet by itself, and a flat lay of the groom’s boutonnière.

If you find yourself wanting a mini brand session like Maria’s, please feel free to contact me!

Brand photographer: Lightbulb League | Houston florist: Maxit Flower Design | Film lab: The FIND Lab


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