Little Carabao Studio Mail-in Brand Session

July 6, 2021

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we’re based in Houston, but you don’t have to be to work with us.

Mail In Brand Session

Mail in sessions are a beautiful option for makers of physical products. Just pack and ship your products to us to be styled and photographed. Furthermore, this is an especially valuable service for those who just don’t have the time to photograph their own goods. It can be stressful to carve out the time to plan + execute a photo shoot of your handmade goods. Even then, the final photos may not be the professional quality that you’re looking for. Mail in brand sessions are ideal for the busy maker who is ready to outsource the photography portion of their workflow.

Wedding Invitation Flat Lay Photographer

La Rue of Little Carabao Studio was looking for just that. A mail in session was a good fit for her, and shipping her products to us was simple. La Rue designs wedding invitation suites + wedding paper goods, so packing up her products was minimal and lightweight. She sent us 5 invitation suites, along with backdrops that she was envisioning for each suite. While we do have different backdrops for you to choose from for your photos, La Rue had already used the ones she was sending in for her shoot and wanted to keep her flat lay photo backdrops cohesive with her existing photos. This was such a smart move on her part!

Pro tip: when chatting with our clients during the prep stage of their shoot, we always recommend that they send along styling props that are on-brand, brand specific, or personal to them. That way, you have props in your photos that are personal to your brand + make your photos recognizable. La Rue sent a number of different props and styling pieces for her main in brand session that you can see in the photos below.

If you’d like to read more about mail in brand sessions, click here.


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