Lightbulb League June 2020 Recap

June 26, 2020

We know that March, April, May, and now June of 2020 have left some creative small businesses, including our own, some free time on their hands due to Covid-19. We’ve been up to several different things. To see some of what we’ve been up to, feel free to follow along on Instagram. The rest of that free time and energy has been dedicated to growing our team and bulking up our video marketing. There’s just something about video that always stops our scroll, wouldn’t you agree? We always want to see where a video is headed! Something we are excited to start showcasing as the Lightbulb League team are recap videos at the end of each month. Very exciting stuff!

June 2020 happenings for Lightbulb League

This month has been the most normal month we’ve seen since last year, as far as our schedules are concerned. June brought us new stock photos, a new subscription client, and Cat (our trusty mascot) snooping while we work hard. Per usual.

Here are some of our favorite final shots, as seen in our recap video:

As we’ve mentioned before, while we continue to work on client brand sessions, we are also working on building up our brand photo library.

On Instagram in May, we asked our followers what subject matter/ style of stock photos they’d like to see. We had an overwhelming response to office supplies, flowers, minimalism, and styling pieces. We hit those categories during this month’s shoot!

The shoot included minimalistic office shots, strawberry cupcakes, pears + chamomile, styling dishes, and flowers. Lots of flowers.

While we don’t know what the future months will bring, we’re to have established a routine for the time being. Videos, stock shoots, and more client brand shoots are expected in the coming months. Get excited! We’re grateful for your support and for indulging us.

PS- if you’ve yet to snag your 15 FREE stock photos, click here to get them!


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