Lightbulb League July 2020 Recap

August 14, 2020

Happy Friday! The end of the week couldn’t get here soon enough. It’s been a busy month around here as we begin to acclimate to a busier schedule after having a slower past couple of months. Thankfully, the weekend is here! We’re here to highlight some of the behind the scenes work that happens during the month as we keep our heads down and work hard to produce some beautiful imagery for creative small business owners!

July 2020 happenings for Lightbulb League

We’re a touch late with the July 2020 recap video, but better late than never! Just like last month, this month brought us lots and lots of stock photo shoots, along with our usual, amazing subscription clients and their products.

Additionally, we have a new subscription client who will be making a little appearance in next month’s video that we are very excited about! In the meantime, here are some of our favorite photos we took this month to add to our stock photo library:

As we’ve mentioned before, while we continue to work on client brand sessions, we are also working on building up our brand photo library.

Launch update

On a separate note, if you’re a member of our newsletter community, you may have heard that we are launching our new website and our stock photo library on Tuesday, September 29! Over the next 2 months until that happens, we will be blogging once a week to amp up for our launch. After that, we’ll be returning to our less-often, regularly scheduled blog posts. We hope you stay along for the ride as we tell you a little more about Lightbulb League and all we have to offer. Additionally, there’s an extra incentive when you remain on our newsletter list, if you catch our drift šŸ˜‰ We’ll be revealing that in a couple of weeks, and only newsletter members have access to it. To sign up for our newsletter, enter your info below:

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Thanks for reading along, folks!


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