Jackie Sunga Co Brand Photo Session in Houston

March 9, 2021

What an amazing experience it was to work with Jackie Sunga from beginning to end. Amazing client is an understatement.

We’re going to throw it back a bit to begin today’s story: as far as marketing is concerned, we put a lot of our time and efforts into Instagram. The connection aspect of it all is seamless (because that’s what we love doing- connecting with clients and fellow small business owners) but trying to keep up with the ever changing features, trends, and technological side of this free marketing app is what eats most of our time. We are happy to report that in this case, the hard work and endless hours paid off because a very ideal client found us!

Jackie Sunga Co Brand Photo Session in Houston

Jackie and her husband had just moved to the Houston area from Dallas and she was in need of brand photos to help elevate her presence and establish her online presence. She went to every small business owner’s favorite app (you guessed it- Instagram) and found us by using hashtags concerning Houston brand photography, professional brand photos, etc.. She stumbled across us and the rest, as they say, is history.

Jackie scheduled her brand session and it was all about HER. There’s really no better way to approach a brand session when you are heavily service based and don’t have any physical goods to show off during your session. We staged a desk scene so clients can visualize her working on their projects. She also planned a wireframe on a dry erase board as she would while working with clients, along with planning her schedule, spending time on her pone connecting with clients, celebrating her clients with confetti and champagne, and more.

When we say she gets her money’s worth out of this brand shoot, BOY do we mean it. She uses her photos everyday on Instagram stories, all over her beautiful new website, and more.

We are incredibly happy with how Jackie’s photos turned out and we can’t wait to see her continue to use them!

Houston brand photographer: Lightbulb League | Client: Jackie Sunga Co | Hair + Makeup: Sunkissed & Made Up


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