How I Began My Photography Career

August 10, 2020

Hi there! Christine here, owner and head honcho over here at Lightbulb League. I think the magic of a ‘good’ camera can bewitch anyone. You really don’t need to know a ton about photography to take good photos with a DSLR in your hands. In fact, this is kind of what happened to me. Here’s how I began our photography career over 10 years ago.

How I began my photography career

While I’ve always been creative in some form, photography has always seemed to take the cake. I always, annoyingly so, had a camera on me growing up. Disposables for a long time, then when digital came onto the scene, I nabbed a point-and-shoot. It was hot pink, thank you for asking. Before I bought my point-and-shoot, I learned the technicals of photography in a film photojournalism class. I loved developing my negatives in the dark room and making prints to turn in for a grade.

After high school, where I was one of the editors for the yearbook + was constantly taking photos for yearbook + personal purposes, I went to The Art Institute to learn more about photography. Brand spankin’ new DSLR in hand, I learned about controlling light, posing, editing, studio habits, and some of the more finer tuned aspects that I still use every time I’m at a shoot.

Shifting focus

My photography business journey began with weddings + portraits. While I still take on a small handful of those a year, brand photography is where I’ve landed and learned to love. The main reason I’ve transferred my focus over to brands is because of the control me + the Lightbulb League team can have over a brand session.

A wedding day is pure chaos, ask any wedding vendor. While you certainly learn the ebb and flow of a wedding day after so many years of photographing them, it all came down to ‘what situation would I rather be in’ while photographing. To me, it was a relaxed pace + environment, controlled light + timelines, and weekends off to be with my family. Brand sessions provide that for me, and it also allows me to focus on another thing I love, which is helping small business owners.

What I love most about helping other small business owners is seeing them move forward in their business with confidence, now having professional, magazine ready photos to market themselves. I’m a people person (and an enneagram 2w3, for those who are wondering), so I love to serve others in the best way I can. For me, that means styling products and photographing brands.

Our new website launches on Tuesday, September 29. Each Tuesday leading up to that will be filled with all sorts of info about Lightbulb League, freebies, and offers. You can also follow along on Instagram where we’ll be updating you on our progress. We hope you stick along for the ride + weekly chats on our blog!


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