Houston’s Fine Art Brand Photographer

September 7, 2020

You’ve probably seen many photographers that specialize in portraits and weddings that offer brand sessions. Make no mistake; at one point, that was us, too. We treated the brands that approached us for photography the same way we treated wedding clients. But the truth is, a brand photographer + their work is a different beast that requires a different approach.

When we decided to make the switch to brand photographer full time, we developed a process to make the brand session experience for our clients a solid one.

Houston’s Fine Art Brand Photographer

Establishing our brand in the Houston market was so important. We noticed there was a lack of fine art brand photography. Sure, there are other brand photographers, but there was a gaping hole where artful, storytelling brand photography could be. And there are so, so many creatives in the Houston area (and beyond!) that deserve beautiful, high resolution, and creative fine art brand imagery.

We’re piggybacking off of last week’s blog post a bit when we say that the images that we see many creatives use are from many different sources. Wedding vendors usually use photos from weddings they work on, makers usually post photos shared by their customers, and service based creatives may have a hard time figuring out what the heck to post if they don’t have brand photos. Although done inadvertently, this kind of allows the different styles and colors of other’s to dictate your brand’s online aesthetic.

Take control of your brand’s online aesthetic

When you book a brand photography shoot or buy on-brand stock photos, it allows you the freedom to utilize your brand’s color palette, handpick the textures and elements in your photos, and take control of your online presence.

To determine some of the things that will be happening in your photos, we send over an extensive questionnaire once you book your session. After we have that info, we craft a custom mood board and timeline to guide us through your shoot. We overplan to make sure we are totally prepared for our time with you, making the most of each minute of your shoot.

You can contact us today to get the ball rolling on booking your beautiful custom brand session.

PS- now that Instagram reels is a thing, we’d love to know what you think about them! We just started using them, so check us out.

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