Fresh Social Media Content Headed Your Way

August 24, 2020

Oftentimes, the most occasional roadblock as a creative small business owner is coming up with the photos we are going to post to social media. Even if you’re on top of your social media planning game, you still need fresh quality content and a discerning eye to arrange it all in an attractive order. While some may approach this issue more seamlessly than others, it still affects all of us.

Social Media Content Woes

Not only are we setting aside the time + attention to sift through the preexisting photo galleries we have available to represent our business, the aforementioned photos are ones that everyone has seen before. They’re already on your social media feed and throughout your website. While it’s certainly ok to post an image multiple times, keep in mind that your audience is also sticking around to see NEW content. They like to see what you’re currently up to, so while they appreciate the older stuff, they’re also looking for new, fresh content.

Obviously it’s ideal to have custom brand photos in your feed representing your hard work, your team members, your products, your studio or office, or your specific process. That being said, stock photos can do just fine if you’re not in a position to book a custom brand session. Stock photos are professional photos used to market your business. There are a LOT of ways to use stock photos (click here to read about 3 different ways), and one of those ways is to use them on social media.

On social media, you can:

  • share the stock photo just as it comes, a plain image, with a captivating caption
  • overlay a quote that inspires you using free design software like Canva, and use that opportunity to talk about the quote or why it inspires you
  • overlay your logo onto the stock photo
  • use the stock photo(s) in a collage or template
  • create a GIF by combining multiple stock photos on

Fresh Social Media Content Headed Your Way

Here’s where we’d like to step in and ease a bit of the burden. We know that coming up with fresh content can be a pain in the butt. We’re here to give you access to our completely FREE resource library, the Lightbulb League Library. It’s filled with high resolution stock photos, iPhone backgrounds (that you could totally use as stock photos), and educational PDFs. The best news? The Lightbulb League Library is ever-growing and is added to every month.

It is available to all of our monthly newsletter subscribers. To gain access, please drop your first name and email address below. The password will be emailed to you!

We hope this free resource helps to tackle one of the pain points you likely experience as a creative small business owner. Head to your inbox for the password to access the Lightbulb League Library!

If you burn through the Lightbulb League Library, we also offer stock photos available for purchase. If you’re ready to invest in a custom stock photo shoot, we’re always here to chat about the right kind of session with you. Click here to contact us!


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