3 Flat Lay Tips for a Beginner

May 31, 2021

It’s no secret that we love styling + photographing flat lays for our clients. Let’s chat about some simple yet effective flat lay tips.

What is a flat lay?

Let’s talk a little bit about flat lay designs. Flat lays are a combination of items, products, foods, products, props, etc that you arrange in a visually appealing way to then photograph or capture on video. Many brands use photos of flat lays as marketing photos in ads, their websites, or on social media.

Some flat lays can be very minimalistic, and some can be very complex. We wanted to chat with you today about

3 flat lay tips for beginners.

Decide the purpose of your flat lay photo

Is this for social media? Will you be using the photo to highlight your gear and equipment you use? How can you use the photo to highlight your products you create? Will this flat lay photo be a hero image on your website?

When you decide how you will be using the photo, the products, the styling, and all of the other elements will more easily fall into place.

Choose a color palette to work with

Look at the items you would like to use in your flat lay and come up with a color palette that you’d like to use. Some ideas you could utilize for flat lay color palettes are your brand colors, a monochrome color scheme, or 2-3 colors. Within that color scheme, you’re going to want to choose a background that complements your flat lay items, both in color and texture.

how to choose a flat lay color palette

Items are visually appealing in odd numbers

When you’re arranging your items on the backdrop you’ve chose, keep in mind that the human eye is more naturally attracted to an odd number of objects than an even number of objects. This means you can use an odd number of singular objects, or an odd number of groupings of objects. Below are a few examples:

flat lay of jewelry
flat lay photo of macarons by Lightbulb League
flat lay tips for beginners

Like with all things creative, there are no hard and fast rules to achieve a result you like. We definitely recommend playing around with flat lays and experimenting with things a bit. What works for Lightbulb League may not work for you!

Be sure to look out for more flat lay blog post tips in the near future. Please share with us if you try any of these tips out!


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