Lightbulb League Favorite Brand Photos of 2019

December 23, 2019

2019 was so amazing. I created some of my favorite brand photos thus far! It was the second full year offering brand photography for businesses, artists, entrepreneurs, and creatives. To see the 2018 favorites, you can click here. As I’ve continued to work on my craft and help businesses develop a visual marketing arsenal for their businesses, I’ve really settled into a specific niche within the brand photography market.

The kinds of clients who tend to gravitate towards my work are creative, value quality photography, expect a professional yet comfortable experience, and love to trust my photographic style of shooting with their vision. To get a general idea of how each session goes, you can click here. As much as I’d love to say I could write up an instructional guide regarding exactly how your brand session will go, I can’t. Because EACH ONE IS SO DIFFERENT and unique to the person or business I was shooting for. I love that!

Having this distinct shooting style and comfortable workflow when working with clients, the next step of my business is elevating things a bit. After all, that’s what having a business is all about, right? Bettering yourself every step of the way! Although I can’t share all of the big plans for this little corner of the internet just yet, you have to trust me when I say they’re BIG. I can’t wait to share more businesses, images, and news with you!

Favorite brand photos of 2019

Below are some of my favorite images from brand sessions in 2019. Travels took me to Tulsa, Oklahoma and New Braunfels, Texas, with the rest of my work keeping me in beautiful Houston, Austin, Galveston, and Hempstead, Texas . I worked with the most amazing individuals and businesses, and I am already so stoked for projects planned and unplanned in 2020. Happy new Year, all! Thanks for the support and love as I continue doing what I love.


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