Custom Brand Session for Whisk Bakery

February 3, 2018

The first brand shoot I did on purpose: custom brand session for Whisk Bakery

Get it? If not, go read my last post. Carla is the one who actually got the ball rolling with my branding photography. After doing the shoot I mentioned in my last post, Carla with Whisk Bakery is the one who actually said, “I need a custom brand session for Whisk Bakery.” That’s one thing about being a creative professional within the wedding industry; unless you’re a photographer or videographer, your portfolio images are all being provided from different photographers or videographers. Therefore, there are varying styles, color palettes, editing preferences, and moods within your portfolio. Carla was building a brand new website. That means she needed the consistency of having one photographer’s style throughout all of the pages she wanted to display.

So we did the dang thing.

The day of the photo shoot

Carla talked to an amazing Houston, Texas florist, Flower Vibes, and got some loose blooms so she could style her cakes, which she is so talented at. In fact, I dare say it’s one of her signature talents beyond baking & decorating; the styling of florals on her cakes! We shot at The West Studios and it was amazing. The windows are ceiling to floor, and although it was an overcast day, the amount of light you’re able to work with is just like being outside. I already can’t wait for the next time I shoot there! After two days of shooting and intaking more sugar than any normal human should consume in that time frame, we wrapped shooting on Carla’s beautiful and delicious weddings cakes and desserts.

Carla is all about color & chic, and I’m all about simplicity and timeless. Although Carla and I have those varying styles and aesthetics, I think we did a pretty stellar job of combining the two and creating something that served both of our businesses well. Here are some favorites from the custom brand session for Whisk Bakery!

Shot on a Pentax 645 & Contax645 on Fuji 400h & Ilford Delta 3200 in Houston, Texas

Photographer: Lightbulb League | Wedding + Event Baker: Whisk Bakery | Rentals: Adorn Vintage Rentals | Florals: Flower Vibes | HMU: Sunny Hair + Makeup | Venue: The West Studios | Skirt: BHLDN | Film lab: The FIND Lab


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