Collaborating With Your Photographer for Your Brand Session

November 19, 2019

While each brand session is totally unique to the business a photographer is working with, they all have one thing in common: the photographer. I photograph each image, apply my style and eye to each part of the shoot, and every shot I deliver is representative not only of the client I am working with, but of my own art. Collaborating with your photographer on your brand session is a vital part of making your investment successful!

Trusting the professionals and collaborating with your photographer

As business owners, we’re so used to making 100% of decisions that come through the door. Now here’s the part where we all admit we have a little type A in us as creators. Releasing some of the control when it comes to trusting another person to photograph images to represent your own brand can be tough!

Dream client collaboration

Today, I wanted to talk about one session in particular where I thought the collaboration with a client was a really good balance of photographer vs. client, and trust vs control. I received a brand session inquiry from Kaley, a wedding photographer. She needed a brand session. Again, I’m so honored each time someone thinks to contact me regarding images to represent their business. After she books my services and signs a contract, we start to chat about the kinds of images she wants. She needs photos of her to present to her followers and potential clients. Fine art, but still fun. Filled with motion blurs, but still clear in content. Photos that represent her essence as a photographer, but without being a headshot with her camera in her hand. Does that make sense?

Once we talked about her vision & the direction she wanted her session to go, I created a mood board I know I would personally be inspired by, based on the vision in her head: sipping coffee, motion blur, photos with her pup Colbi, looking through photos/ albums, and creating an inspo wall. Here was the mood board I created:

I usually use 5-9 images I search for online to create a mood board for each brand session I work on so the client knows what to expect. If the client isn’t in love with one of the images in the mood board I create, we search for a new one in order to replace the disliked photo’.

Time to prepare for the shoot

When Kaley approved the board, the only thing left was to prepare for the shoot. She purchased clothing for her shoot, booked a hair and makeup session, and booked a studio space. Our preparation and collaboration as photographer vs client totally helped us pull off her perfect brand session, which now graces the ‘About’ page of her website and sprinkled throughout her social media feed. To see my favorites from her session, head to her blog post by clicking the link below:

See how Kaley’s brand session turned out!

I think we nailed it, if I do say so myself. My top tips to take away from this post regarding how to best collaborate with your brand photographer would be:

  1. Have ideas or inspiration photos you’d like to utilize for your session so your photographer can build on it/ interpret them in their own way
  2. Be open to your photographer’s ideas + trust their vision for your photo shoot
  3. Don’t be afraid to speak up if/ when your photographer is missing the mark during the planning process. Same rule applies during the shoot! Open communication is the best way to ensure you get what you want.

Thanks for taking the time to read today’s post about collaborating with your photographer for your brand session! To get started on your own brand session, feel free to contact me by email:

Brand session with Kaley Elaine: Photographer: Lightbulb League


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