Chocolate Photography for Colorado Cocoa Pod

May 29, 2020

Hi there, Christine here. Owner + creative behind Lightbulb League. Right out of the gate, I want to let you know this post is about something I won in an Instagram giveaway from Colorado Cocoa Pod. This is not a paid brand chocolate photography session, nor was I paid to write this little review. Without further ado, onto the chocolatey goodness!

Instagram Giveaway

I was so excited to hear that I’d won some chocolates from Colorado Cocoa Pod a couple of weeks ago in an Instagram giveaway. While I didn’t know exactly what I’d be receiving since the post just mentioned that the prize would be a box full of treats, it was still so exciting. I don’t know about you, but that prize, no matter what “a box full of treats” entails, is enough to entice me to enter!

When the box arrived, I wanted to be sure I documented it a bit. I love the idea of getting free stuff, don’t get me wrong. But I also know that small business owners, artists, and makers put so much research, time, effort and love into all that they make. I just wanted to be able to hand over something of value to Chocolate Cocoa Pod that she could potentially use as content in the future if she chose to.

In the box, there were two different chocolate bars. One bar was Milk & Cookies flavored and the other was Sea Salt Caramel. Both were delicious! The order shipped just last week, making the TX temps a bit difficult for the chocolate’s design to stay 100% intact. The bar stayed together and didn’t melt, but a very small portion of the bar’s beautiful design adhered to the plastic wrapping. I chose not to photograph the two bars because I didn’t want the photos to misrepresent all of Colorado Cocoa Pod’s hard work & design aesthetic. You can see the unboxing video I made below:

Unboxing of Colorado Cocoa Pod Zodiac Bonbons + chocolate bars. Music by lofi: Dancing in the Moonlight

Chocolate Photography of Zodiac Animal Bonbons

I was blown away by the concept of this chocolate set. There were 12 bonbons inside, each a different flavor to represent different zodiac animals. They were:

  1. Rat: Caramel Black Sesame
  2. Ox: Thai Coffee
  3. Tiger: Passion Fruit Caramel Vanilla
  4. Rabbit: Coconut
  5. Dragon: Lemon Key Lime
  6. Snake: Raspberry Matcha
  7. Horse: Milk Tea
  8. Ram: Sea Salt Caramel Gold
  9. Monkey: Peanut Butter Banana
  10. Rooster: Cinnamon Cayenne
  11. Dog: Cookies ‘n Cream
  12. Pig: Lychee

My family sat down and we each tried them all and made a tasting event of them. It was so much fun, and so delicious. We’ll definitely be ordering these again at some point when it gets a bit cooler and easier to ship.

Here are some photos I took and sent to Colorado Cocoa Pod.

If you are in CO or in the market for delicious chocolates, I recommend checking them out!

Photography: Lightbulb League | Chocolate: Colorado Cocoa Pod

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