Brand Session with Bare: Beauty + Boudoir

August 15, 2019

This beautiful brand session was a super refreshing challenge for me. Photographing a brand that is luxe and sultry wasn’t something that I initially imagined cohesive with my shooting style. However, I was proven wrong and it ended up being a new favorite! I loved this brand session with Elizabeth of Bare: Beauty + Boudoir.

A brand session for another photographer

Y’all know how I’m all about photographers stepping in front of the camera. *makes note to practice what I preach and book a brand session for myself* A brand session in the perfect opportunity for that. Elizabeth was in need of a brand session for several reasons. Not only did she need branded headshots, but she wanted to convey to potential clients that her luxury boudoir photography collections included it all. From being pampered with hair and makeup, to wardrobe and styling options. She also offers short videos of client sessions as an add-on. Then there are the all-important in-person proofing meetings, to final product delivery. It is a jam packed experience that deserves to be shown off.

Showing potential clients every step of the process

For Elizabeth’s brand session, we embraced the flow of a client shoot. It made sense to plan the shoot chronologically, as if shooting behind the scenes of a boudoir client. We started with the hair and makeup by Etoilly Artistry on Elizabeth’s lovely client Taylor. Most of her boudoir sessions begin with champagne or a drink, so we were sure to get some shots of that before heading into the behind the scenes images of the photo shoot. Elizabeth gives her clients lots of guidance in posing to make them feel more comfortable in front of the lens. That was a priority to capture. We made sure that was portrayed in her brand photos so future clients know they’ll feel comfortable with Elizabeth. Those kinds of images will give some insight as to why potential clients should book with her- because they will be guided through their session comfortably.

Finishing touches of Bare’s brand shoot

The rest of the session showed off what happens after her sessions. Clients visit her to view their images for the first time. When they choose which images they want to order, she packages up their product orders to be shipped off. From start to finish, her shoots are a seamless and luxurious experience. Even better, now her clients can see every step of the process before booking thanks to her brand session!

Brand session with Bare: Beauty and Boudoir | Photographer: Lightbulb League | HMU: Etoilly Artistry | Flowers: Edges Wild Studio | Brand video: Anzola Media | Film lab: The FIND Lab


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