Brand Process Photos for Erin Rhyne

April 4, 2018

Handcrafted headpieces for special occasions

Let me tell you about the brand process photos shot for my friend Erin Rhyne. Erin just so happens to be the human version of a ray of sunshine. She’s one of the most true, genuine, funniest, and most caring people on the planet. She also creates these beautiful handcrafted headpieces for weddings and special occasions. Each one is totally unique and made meticulously by hand. They can be used as a bridal accessory or flower crown, as a headpiece for any special occasion or event, or even to jazz up your everyday look.

Brand process photos

If you follow my blog posts, you might remember that I shared some images a few posts back of Erin’s work. In that post, we showcased some of her pieces styled in flat lay shots and on a model. While we both loved those images, Erin had been talking about how much she loved seeing other artists’ process photos, especially if they created handcrafted goods. She decided she wanted some process photos of her own to showcase. We got to work planning the details of her shoot!

It was amazing to watch and photograph Erin in her element when we got together to shoot. Each individual flower starts out as a small ball of clay. She rolls it and portions out each petal that will make up the flower. She  makes sure each petal gets realistic veins and then she shapes the flower. The clay flowers then need about a day to cure and harden before Erin can continue onto the next phase. Once they’re dry and hard, she adds the fine detail like gold flecks or paint, depending on the look that she’s trying to achieve. Once the flowers are done, that’s when the construction of the headpiece begins. It was so awesome to shoot these brand process photos for Erin.


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