Brand Photography Favorites of 2021

December 2, 2021

One photo from nearly every brand photography session this year. What an honor to capture marketing + brand photos for so many wonderful folks. We don’t take it lightly that our work is used to represent other businesses. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this a great year!

While crafting this post, we realized just how many of our photos haven’t made their way to our website or social media yet. Hopefully this post is a small glimpse into the variety of brands that we work with, and that no matter how diverse the subject, we love to put the consistent Lightbulb League twist on things.
Never did we think we would be saying this, but next year will be heavily subscription based. One-time shoots will be very limited, and our bread and butter will be subscriptions. This is nearly the opposite of how 2021 played out. So be sure to follow along on Instagram for those rare instances of single shoot availability and mini sessions.

We hope you enjoy the remainder of 2021 and have a very happy new year. See you in 2022!


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