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March 16, 2021

Nikki Tripp is one of our amazing subscription brand photo clients. We were too excited to begin working with her on a recurring basis because she tackles the same kind of content we do- brands! It’s rare that you find a photographer or videographer that doesn’t also photograph or film weddings or families. It’s a real treat to find someone else that does what we do, just in video form! That’s why we always send our brand photography clients to Nikki that need a brand video- because her work is beautiful and she works with the same kinds of clients that we do.

Videographer Brand Photo Shoot with Tripp Films

These photos are from Nikki’s first shoot of her subscription (more to come in the future)! We had a great time with her as we got the shots she wanted with her equipment, some portraits, and some creative variety shots for her to use within her marketing and social media.

Light, space, and variety

A really refreshing aspect of working with a a fellow photographer or videographer is that they know where the good light is, which can help to make the shoot easier. Nikki booked a wonderful space for her shoot and the light was incredible. It was also spacious and gave us enough room to move around to get different angles. A wanteditionally, Nikki wanted to ensure there was a variety shot throughout her first session, including different crops or orientation, several different outfits, and different subjects (like her equipment, old film reels, portraits of her, candid shots of her, etc).

We’re so happy with how her photos turned out. She’s such a natural in front of the lens (and behind it) and we can’t wait until her next subscription shoot!

Photographer: Lightbulb League | Client: Nikki Tripp of Tripp Films | Location: The Studio HTX | HMU: Tonya Riner


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