A Case Study of Brand Photography

September 1, 2020

Today, we’re taking the time to highlight the brand photography experience we offer our clients. Above all, we like for folks know that they’re investing in so much more than just photos. We’re there to collaborate with them and offer customer service and a seamless experience along the way. This should be an exciting time for your business!

A Case Study of Brand Photography

In today’s post, we are chatting with one of our amazing recurring clients, Elizabeth Miller. Her online presence has been affected in great ways by having brand photos. She owns The Petaler, a high end Houston fine art wedding floral + design company.

In an instance like Elizabeth’s, it can be tough to solidify your brand aesthetic when you are receiving images from many different sources. With so many photos, you’d think it might make her marketing job easier. However, she can only use a handful of those photos due to different artistic styles that may not match her own. It’s time to supplement with brand photography.

Think about it; every wedding she provides flowers for has a photographer with a different style. Therefore, when she uses vastly differing styles in her Instagram feed, they could potentially clash and cause an inconsistently set tone. Elizabeth actively controls of which photos she chooses to represent all of the hard work that goes into her business. This includes incorporating brand photography.

Planning a brand session

We asked Elizabeth to write in her own words about the collaboration and the back-and-forth with us before her brand shoots, and how she feels her vision for her photos are executed through our signature shooting style:

I love working with Christine, Tamara, and John on our monthly branding sessions for so many reasons, but mostly because she works so hard to get to know her clients and really listens to their creative direction.  She and I can chat extensively about the direction I would like the shoot to go in and I can provide as little as just a few inspiration images, or present a more in-depth creative concept and she always reflects the aesthetic that I am after. At the same time, she is confident in her expertise and will push me to branch out of my comfort zone when she feels it is necessary. She will provide her honest feedback if she feels that the overall vision or scope of the project needs a bit more direction and she is able to provide that direction so that the project comes together effortlessly. 


We love that Elizabeth talks about how we work together to create a creative, meaningful, on-brand shoot for her. When we are in the planning stages, we chat about the kinds of images that are most important to you. Fun fact: we often treat your brand session as a visual answer to some of your business’ most frequently asked questions.

Down to the nitty gritty

As your shoot is planned, we make sure to address any questions or concerns you may have. We carefully decide the kinds of images that you’ll receive, how much brand photography you’ll need, a timeline for the shoot, and establish all expectations. Once we get together for your shoot, we spend your allotted time styling + shooting your brand images. In 2-4 weeks, we send your gallery of magazine ready, high resolution images to you in an online gallery. Now you’re ready to confidently present these images as a vital part of your marketing plan!

WHY do you need brand photos when you’re already receiving photos from other sources?

Next, we asked Elizabeth WHY consistent brand photos are important to her. Even though she receives many photos of her wedding floral arrangements from different wedding photographers, brand photos still benefit her.

While ours is a very specific niche within the wedding industry, I think it is important to show our audience everything that goes into bringing our floral creations to life. Whether it is behind the scenes images of our work, or photos of our inspirations, styling accessories, vessels, you name it, Lightbulb League always provides our brand with consistent and recognizable branding images that are representative of our brand and relatable to our audience. Their images help us give our audience a more complete picture of our brand as a whole so that clients can connect with us as people designing beautiful weddings, not just our beautiful weddings.


For businesses like Elizabeth’s, establishing the mood, aesthetic, and overall tone of your brand is vital. You want to attract the right crowd! Similarly, you want to detract those who may not be a good fit. One way to control that is to curate the images you choose to share on social media, in marketing, and on your website. So Elizabeth’s feed is filled with her brand images we photograph, along with the photos that she meticulously chooses from the galleries she receives from wedding photographers. Together, the variety shows off exactly what she’s aiming for. Below are some photos from our time spent together. You can also follow her on Instagram.

Houston brand photography by Lightbulb League of The Petaler, Elizabeth Miller, and her floral arrangement work

We encourage you to think about the transformation your business’ online presence could take on if you began to incorporate professional brand photography into your marketing. That being said, reach out to us if you’re ready for a business confidence booster. It makes all of the difference in the world to put your best foot forward online. We have fall availability, so shoot us a message today!


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