6 Must Have Marketing Photos

August 17, 2020

Online audiences these days expect to be entertained with a variety of high quality content. To ensure that you’re:

a) not boring your current followers with the same kinds of photos every time you post

b) attracting (and keeping!) new followers

we wanted to share the 6 must have marketing photos for your brand.

6 Must Have Marketing Photos

Process photos

When people are looking to potentially invest into what you have to offer, whether it be a product or a service, they like to see what’s going on behind the scenes. The content you share doesn’t even have to be professionally captured, though it can help. As long as you’re sharing something that’s interesting, informative, or entertaining, people love to see it. This is where a brand photo session or branded video can help your brand stand out online.

Team photos

Show off your team! It gives potential buyers the chance to see your faces, which builds trust in your brand. It also sets the tone of your business , allowing you to dress in your brand’s color palette and tell potential clients what you’re all about. For example, you can approach your team photo by wearing dressy casual attire and laughing with each other to let clients know that their experience with you will be relaxed, easy-going, and still organized and professional.


In other words, how is your service or product used in everyday life? What does it look like when someone is putting your handmade product to use? Or utilizing and enjoying the service you offer? These kinds of photos are really important to show. You might offer a product or service that someone might not be able to envision themselves using for one reason or another. When potential clients see photos like this, it helps them to realize the full experience of the product and not just focus on the price tag.

Materials + tools

A fun behind-the-scenes type of photo that you can share is one of your materials or tools that you use in your workspace to create your product. For some artists, it could include a tool or material that you work with that a potential client could be totally unfamiliar with. This gives you an opportunity to showcase your knowledge, giving the potential client a peek into your expertise. And who doesn’t want to hire a knowledgeable expert?


We’re listing this one because it differs from the team shot. While it still shows off what you look like, builds trust, and sets the tone for your brand, you can also go into more depth with a headshot of an individual team member. Which, in turn, just adds to your brand’s relatability. When you share your headshot, it gives you the opportunity to talk a little bit more about yourself. What do you like to do for fun? How did you start your business? What’s an interesting fact about you?


These photos show off the final result! This includes product photos, e-commerce photos, or any photo isolating your product and showing off the hard work that you’ve done. Above anything, these are the photos that draw people in. All of the aforementioned shots, while important, are usually not the photos that bring traffic to your site or feed. The final product shots ATTRACT potential clients/ website/ profile traffic, while marketing photo types 1-5 (listed above) KEEP them on your website/ profile as they snoop around and learn more about your brand.

We hope this overview of different types of marketing photos is helpful when thinking about creating your current and future brand photography.

CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW if you want to download the PDF with all of this info so it’s more accessible.

^ must have marketing photos

Now get out there and create a variety of beautiful photos for marketing purposes!

PS- if you’d rather leave your marketing photos in our capable hands than go the DIY route, shoot us a message 😉

Have a wonderful day!


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