30 Things to do While Safe at Home

July 11, 2020

It’s been a crazy couple of months. We’ve almost kind of gone through the stages of grieving with all of this Coronavirus mess, minus the last stage of acceptance because we don’t want to think this is our reality. At this point, we’re looking for things to do while safe at home.

On a day like today, we’d probably be driving through Houston on our way to a meeting, or to catch up with creative, like-minded small business owning friends while sipping our favorite beverages. Instead, we’re all sitting around in what is more than likely our pajamas, chasing around or homeschooling our kids (or both), trying to balance this new (ab)normal day-to-day, or craving some connection with other people (yes, even you enneagram type 5’s). We’re looking for easy, fun, and creative things to do while safe at home!

Looking for things to do while safe at home

We just wanted to say YOU’RE NOT ALONE. We want to be here to help our creative industry friends during this time. Last month we shared 30 Productive Things to do During the Quarantine as a Creative Small Business Owner. We loved making that list (and we hope it helped you!) so we decided to make one for May. We’re taking it in the opposite direction and sharing 30 Fun and Creative things to do During the Quarantine that have nothing at all to do with owning a business. Pure fun and creative projects.

You can click here and you will be brought straight to the PDF, or click the photo below (feel free to download it, if you’d like)!

30 Things to do while stuck at home

We hope this will help spark some ideas for you during this time of separation + uncertainty. Please share with friends, and let us know if you end up doing some of these- we’ll keep you updated with our check list, too!


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