3 Flat Lay Tips for an Intermediate

August 31, 2021

Last time we chatted about 3 flat lay tips for beginners, perfect for those that are interested in designing flat lays in order to show off their products, hone their skills, or just have fun arranging items in a visually appealing way! Today we’re continuing down that road with 3 Flat Lay Tips for an Intermediate.

What is a flat lay?

Just a recap: let’s chat a little bit about flat lay designs. Flat lays are a combination of items, products, foods, products, props, etc that you arrange in a visually appealing way to then photograph or capture on video. Many brands use photos of flat lays as marketing photos in ads, their websites, or on social media.

Some flat lays can be very minimalistic, and some can be very complex. We wanted to chat with you today about

3 flat lay tips for an intermediate.

Add a living element to your flat lay

In most cases, adding a living element of any sort adds great visual interest to a flat lay. Instead of just photographing a ceramic vase you’ve created, add fresh cut florals to it, or a hand placing the vase into the setting.

Some popular options are hands, a plant trailing into your shooting frame, fresh cut flowers, fruits/ veggies, or even a pet!

Using your color palette strategically

Decide how you want to disseminate your colors throughout your flat lay. You can color block by arranging your similarly colored items together, or you can spread your similarly colored items throughout in order to lead your viewer’s eye through your flat lay design.

Use objects to add height to flat products like paper goods

Items like dominos, lens caps, acrylic blocks, or ponytail holders are helpful in elevating your paper goods, tags, paper marketing collateral, or other flat items. We want to add depth throughout our flat lays so they’re not entirely one dimensional.

Like with all things creative, there are no hard and fast rules to achieve a result you like. We definitely recommend playing around with flat lays and experimenting with things a bit. What works for Lightbulb League may not work for you!

Be sure to look out for our final blog post regarding flat lay styling tips in the near future. Please share with us if you try any of these tips out!


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